Frequently Asked Questions


You've seen our gallery and Instagram posts, you've dreamed about our screens on your deck, but you need to know a bit more before committing. How do they work in your space? How do they ship and how much? How do you figure out how many you need? How to do they install? How do you clean and maintain them? You're in the right place for all this information and more. Pretty sure we're reading your mind on this one.

1. What is a HideAway Screen?
A HideAway Screen is a .100” sheet of high grade powder-coated aluminum . HideAway Screens were originally designed out of the need for privacy in our founder’s backyard, however, our screens have proven to be extremely functional as well as practical. Our screens can also act as a wind barrier or fence, provide shade, enclose your barbeque or other equipment, define a space, or provide an interior/exterior design element.

2. What are the dimensions of a HideAway Screen? And for the Posts and Mounting Brackets?
Our HideAway Screens are 36” x 68”, and weigh approximately 19 lbs.

Our posts are 3" x 3" x 73"

Our mounting brackets are 1" x 1" L x 68" long

*please note that if you are using Hideaway's posts, the included base plates add an additional 1 1/4" on each end :) Ie: The first and last post would each add 1 1/4" to your measurements.

3. How many designs do you have?
We currently have four different designs: Branch, Dash, River Rock, and Maui. Each design is available in black or white. View our catalog.
We are constantly creating new patterns to meet our customers’ needs. We would love to hear any of your design suggestions!

4. I want to install my screen outside. Will my HideAway Screen rust?
No. Aluminum in itself does not rust, making it the ideal material for outdoor use. Each screen is professionally powder coated with a UV resistant finish. Powder coating is a process that ensures our screens are more resistant to fading, chipping, scratching, and everyday wear.

5. Are HideAway Screens difficult to install?
Nope. With a few basic tools, installing HideAway screens are meant to be a DIY project. Our user-friendly mounting post and bracket system help ease the installation process. You can watch our Install Tutorial and check out our How-to manual to guide you through your installation. Essentially- all you need is a  drill, screwdriver & a level

6. But I am not handy! Will you install my screens for me?
We currently do not offer installation services. Contact a local contractor to assist with your project. If you are having difficulty finding a contractor, contact us and we can connect you with one of our preferred contractors.

7. Where can I purchase HideAway products?
You can purchase direct from our website and have your order shipped hassle-free to your front door. You can also purchase from any of our contractors

8. How much is shipping and how long does it take?
Please see our shipping page for current rates.
Delivery typically takes anywhere from 4-10 business days, on average. 

9. What is your return policy?
If you’re not happy, neither are we. We offer a 30-day trial on all HideAway products. Simply contact us to set up a return. Click here to read more about our Return Policy.

10. I have a special project. Do you provide custom designs?
Yes. Contact us today with some details about your project, and we will help create your HideAway.

11. I am all done my install. Now what?
Sit back and relax in your HideAway oasis, and snap a picture. We would love to see photos of your completed project. Please send any pictures of your project to for a chance to be featured on our social media!