Privacy Screen (River Rock)

89% Privacy 

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Elevate your backyard with our privacy screens. HIDEAWAY's modular design makes creating your private retreat easy and enjoyable.

Overall Size: 36” W x 68” H

What’s Included:

  1. Standard Privacy Screen

*Posts & Brackets (with hardware) sold separately.

** In most cases, it is recommended to have one (1) pack of brackets per privacy screen panel.

View our screen measurement guide.

Color: Black

Product Specifications

Discover the brilliance of HIDEAWAY's modular design. Our screens offer an easy DIY assembly, ensuring you can effortlessly transform your space into a secluded haven. Whether you're enhancing your backyard or a commercial area, HIDEAWAY's modular approach guarantees a seamless and aesthetically pleasing solution.

See Product Manual for more information.

Overall Size

36” W x 68” H


0.100" Thick


Industrial Grade Aluminum


20-25 lbs.


Powder Coated


Ease of Assembly: Engineered for simple DIY setup with a comprehensive manual, ensuring a hassle-free installation experience.

Aesthetic Appeal: Boasts a modern design, perfect for adding a stylish and contemporary touch to both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Functional Benefits: Offers privacy while allowing natural light and air flow, making it an ideal choice for enhancing patios, balconies, and garden areas.

UV Protection: The powder coating and pre-treatment process provide superior UV protection, ensuring the screens retain their color and finish over time.

Rust-Free: Constructed from high-quality aluminum, HIDEAWAY screens are guaranteed never to rust, making them a durable choice for any climate.

Tools & Materials Needed for Assembly
  1. Mounting Post 3” x 3” x 73” H
  2. Mounting Brackets 1” x 1” x 68” H
  3. Post Caps (included w/post)
  4. Base Plate Skirts (included w/post)
  5. Power Drill or Screwdriver w/ #3 Robertson Bit
  6. Hand Level
  7. Measuring Tape

Please Note: Hardware is included with the mounting brackets.

Optional Hardware Concrete Mount

If you plan on mounting your posts into concrete we recommend using Concrete Wedge Anchors (Sold separately).

Optional Hardware Wood Mount

If you are mounting your posts into wood, we recommend using GRK RSS Wood Screws (Sold separately).

Product Manual


Coverage: Limited Lifetime Warranty for original purchasers on outdoor lifestyle products (including planters, screens, and mounting hardware) manufactured from aluminum.

Performance: Ensures structural and mechanical soundness and maintains appearance over time.

Warranty Period: Valid from the date of purchase throughout the lifetime of the product.

Remedies: HIDEAWAY, at its discretion, will either replace the defective product/components or refund the purchase price.

View Warranty
Product Care information

To ensure the longevity of your privacy screens and maintain their coverage under our limited lifetime warranty, please follow these care instructions diligently:

  1. Regularly rinse the screens with water to keep them free from dirt and debris.
  2. For tougher stains, mild dish soap can be used to gently clean the surfaces.

By adhering to these care guidelines, you'll enjoy your privacy screens for many years and have the peace of mind that our comprehensive lifetime warranty protects it.

Need To Go Custom?

Choose an option below.

Custom Width

HIDEAWAY custom width size screens are 68" H and made to order based on your selected stock design and width. Screens ship within 3-4 weeks and delivery times are typically 7-10 business days.

Fully Custom

Create the space you've always wanted with a custom design and size up to 6' x 12'. Learn more by filling out a short form; our design team will be in touch within 24 hours to get you started.

A lifetime of privacy

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