Metal Privacy Screens Vs Hedges

Metal Privacy Screens Vs Hedges

So you're thinking about adding some privacy around your property. A typical fence normally does the job just fine, but you want something different and more unique. Other viable options are using Hedges/Trees to get the job done. They're a solid option but there is another option as well, Privacy Screens.

Privacy Screens offer a lot of benefits to your yard and house. Starters they'll give your house a unique curb appeal. With a very different look than the traditional wooden or chain fence, they're sure to turn heads.

Here is a quick break down about the pros and cons of using Privacy Screens compared to Hedges.


Pros of using Privacy Screens:

Privacy Screens are a modern and unique way to add style and privacy to your yard. There are a lot of different profiles that will surely get you excited and add your style to your entertaining space. Privacy Screens don't require seasonal maintenance, are easy to install, and best of all are built to last.

Unlike hedges, Privacy Screens require zero watering, fertilizing, or upkeep. When pricing out Privacy Screens the price per square foot is straightforward with no real curveballs. With the easy installation of Privacy Screens, you'll save money and time installing them.

They're instant. No need to wait on growing, maturing, or breaking. Once you've installed the Privacy Screens, you can see your results immediately. Also with the slim profile of Privacy Screens, they will fit into more narrower spaces. You can follow a path beside your walkway with no worries of spacing issues. Also, you don't have to worry about the Privacy Screens impeeding on your neighbour's property if installed on the property line.


Cons of using Privacy Screens

Privacy Screens have a higher upfront cost with most installations. Like with fencing, you might need a written agreement between you and your neighbours before installing the Privacy Screen. If you're installing them to go on your deck as decor, then this isn't applicable.

Pros of using Hedges:

Using hedging can add real beauty to your back yard as well as help define your landscaping. You have the freedom to shear and shape your hedges to match your existing landscaping. Another perk is each season offers a different feel and look, from greens of the summer to oranges of the fall.

Hedges can reduce noise from around your neighbourhood. Because the hedges are dense, they help provide lovely shade and cool down areas of your yard that typically get too much sun. If the hedges you've used have berries or flowers, they will attract birds, which will add some life to your space.

Cons of using Hedges

When selecting hedges as your privacy wall of choice, there are a few things to consider. One of the first issues to overcome is transplant shock. When transplanting from one area to another, sometimes the plans won't take, and they will die or fail to thrive in the process. Proper soil, with regular watering, fertiliser, and weeding are a necessity. It can be tempting to purchase budget catalogue plants, but often they are smaller and not in prime conditions. It's best to check at your local nursery, but these plants can range from $20 to $80 a plant. You'll also need tools and supplies to take care of your new hedge. One last thing to think about is that hedges might not be in the same local building code as fences, this should be investigated before choosing to use hedges. You might have your favourite shrub picked out, but it might not pass local building laws. When you're planting a hedge, sometimes it's just as costly to succeed as it is to fail. If the hedge is healthy, it sometimes can grow out of control, causing you to spend time and money making sure it's well kept. Alternatively, if it doesn't respond to your soil, it will take time and money to make sure your new hedge can thrive.

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